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Forklift Machine
  • Model Number:NYC20(two doors)
  • Engine Power:20 KW
  • Rated Load:2 Ton
  • Axis Distance:1735 MM
  • Folk Length:1070 MM
  • Speed:15 Km/h
  • Type:Forklift Machine

NYC-20 Forklift Machine with Rated Load 2 ton

NYC-20 Forklift Machine with Rated Load 2 ton

  • Model Number:NYC12(two doors)
  • Engine Power:15.5 KW
  • Axis Distance: 1395 MM
  • Folk Length:920 MM
  • Rated Load:1.2 Ton
  • Speed:18 Km/h
  • Type:Forklift Machine

NYC-12 Forklift Machine with Engine Power 15.5KW

Now forklift truck is one of commonly used carrying vehicles, widely used in ports, railway stations, airports, storehouse, factory workshop

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