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ZL16 1.6 ton Grasping Wood Machine

  • Model Number:ZL16
  • Rated Load:1.6 Ton
  • Rated Power:48 KW/44 KW
  • Unloading Height:3000 MM
  • Transmission Way:Hydraulic Transmission/ Axis
  • External Dimension:5640*1800*2700 MM
  • Type:Grasping Wood Machine

1. Spacious room on and off the pedal and driving, increased leg room;

2. Security measures to increase parking brake, hand brake pull, even flip the direction of the handle, the forklift will not walk;

3. After hood open with self-locking device to prevent accidental turn off the hood of injury to the operator;

4. Using a special rotary valve design with low-noise hydraulic steering, noise, steering light with forward lock combination of multiple small hydraulic valve, advanced structure, reliable performance;

5. Energy efficient hydraulic system, to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Application and Usages

Now forklift truck is one of commonly used carrying vehicles, widely used in ports, railway stations, airports, storehouse, factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center and distribution center, etc., and can enter the cabin, car and pallets of goods within the container loading and unloading, handling, is essential to tray transportation, container transportation and equipment.

Technical Data
Model ZL16
Rated load weight 1600kg
Engine model ZH4102K1/ Pivots ZH4100Q
Rated power 48kw/44kw
Unloading height 3000mm
Tire model 1200-16
External dimension(L*W*H) 5640*1800*2700mm
Converter model YJ265
Transmission type Power shift straight tooth often locked/Mechanical shift fork
Transmission way Hydraulic transmission/ Axis 


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