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ZL18LT Small Wheel Loader

  • Model Number:ZL18LT
  • Bucket Capacity:1.1m3
  • Loading Weight:1800-2100KG
  • Bucket Width:2030mm
  • Dumping Height:4150mm
  • Wheel Base:2590mm
  • Wheel Track:1550mm
ZL18LT Small Wheel Loader
Item ZL18LT
Overall Performance Operating weight 5050Kg 5050Kg
  Bucket capacity 1.1M3 1.1M3
  Rate loading weight 1800-2100Kg 1800-2100Kg
  Bucket width 2030mm 2030mm
  Dumping height 4200mm 4200mm
  Dumping reach 1340mm 1340mm
  Raise height 5000mm 5000mm
  Wheel base 2590mm 2590mm
  Wheel track 1580mm 1580mm
  Min turning radius 5090mm 5090mm
  Overall dimension 7080(L)×2030(W)×2830(H)mm 7080(L)×2030(W)×2830(H)mm
  Total cycle time 9s 9s
Transmission Transmission Hydraulic Hydraulic
  Control type Mechanical Mechanical
  Control lever 01 level control 01 level control
Engine Brand Huafa Yunnei
  Model ZH4102K1ZB YN33GBZ
  Number of cylinder Four Four
  Power 60Kw 65Kw
  Turning 2400rpm 2400rpm
Tyre Size 16/70-20 16/70-20
  Max. traveling speed 30Km/h 30Km/h

Technical Data
ZL18LT Small Wheel Loader

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