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The Causes of the Wheel Loaders Breakdown

The wheel loader is mostly used for the shovel or the short-distance transportation of the sand, gravel, coal and wasted material in the construction sites, ports, decks, stations and other harsh places.
As the wheel loader always works in various complicated conditions. The harsh working environment and the defects in the design, production and the utilization of the wheel loader all cause its reliability to reduce significantly. The causes of the components’ breakdown will be explained in the following text.
1.The design defects:\
As the structure of the wheel loader’s components is complex, the great distinctions exist in each of them. Due to the designer’ s lack of the understanding of the wheel loader’s working conditions, some components of the wheel loader are unable to satisfy various operating demands. The designing defects appeared in the application of the wheel loader.
2.The effects of the interior conditions
The operation of the wheel loader is mainly effected by the weather, working sites and working objects. The high temperature can cause the poor cooling effects of the diesel and low viscosity of the lubrication oil; the low temperature can lead to poor lubricating effects and the increasing abrasion and at the same time make the engine hard to start up.
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