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How to Purchase the Wheel Loader

The wheel loader is the common machinery equipment, and it can be applied to the transport of loose materials for short distance, such as loading and unloading the wood. How to make a right choice in the purchase of the wheel loader? Generally, four principles need to be followed.\
1.The loader-type selection: choose and determine the loader type according to its application and operation sites. In general, select the crawler-type wheel loader when working in the lime quarry and soft base.
2.The motor selection: the construction machinery usually adopts the staring engine powered by diesel, while if they are utilized in the special region, such as work in the place which is higher than 3000m above the sea level, the special plateau diesel should be adopted to start up the engine.
3.The transmission selection: the hydraulic machinery is usually utilized for transmission. And the core components mainly depend on the determination of the torque converter. At present, the wheel loader produced by our country mainly adopts the torque converter of double-turbine and single-pole and double-phase hydraulic type.
4.In the selection of the wheel loader, the braking function should be also taken into consideration. And the braking function consists of the parking braking system and the emergency braking system.
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