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What kind of loaders does this information apply to?

This information applies to smaller, front-end loaders or skid steer loaders. "Smaller" is a relative term; compact is another name for smaller loaders. Different manufacturers may rate their loaders up to 40 - 80 horsepower (or about 30 - 40 kW) as compact loaders. Some manufacturers use the term "compact loader" to mean what is usually called a skid steer loader or skidsteer loader used in landscaping. More commonly, "compact loader" refers to an articulating wheel loader; i.e., a loader that has two sections connected by a flexible joint and that can be steered by "bending" at the joint. Although many of the main safety principles for skid steer and compact front-end loaders apply to articulating wheel loaders, there are additional safety practices that relate to the operation and maintenance of articulated vehicles that are not covered in this document.


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