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Today, I will introduce the performance requirements of the loader to the brake fluid.
1.Favorable viscosity-temperature properties and low temperature performances. The loader usually works in harsh environment, such as mountains and mines. Fiction plate is in the braking state for a long time. Therefore, during the process of braking, the temperature of the fiction plate can reach ???? because of the fictional heat. Part of the heat will be passed on to the brake fluid, which will increase the temperature of the brake fluid to ???????. While it can be lowered to ???? in the northeast and northwest regions in winter. From the above, we can conclude that the brake fluid must have the characteristics of favorable viscosity-temperature properties and low temperature performances.

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2. Appropriate lubricity. In order to make the brake cylinder and rubber bowl slide well, the brake fluid must have appropriate lubricity.
3.Good corrosion resistance. The brake fluid should have good corrosion resistance to various metal parts.
4.Good chemical stability. The brake fluid is applied in the environment of high humidity. Therefore, the brake fluid is not allowed to produce the thermal decomposition and superposition to avoid the increasing of oil viscosity. And also, it is not allowed to generate oily sludge.
5.Good adaptability to the rubber. There are a lot of rubber seals and cups in the braking system keeping the brake system completely sealed. So the brake fluid should have good adaptability to the rubber seal, preventing the expansion and the reducing of the mechanical strength of the rubber seals and cup due to the incompatible oil fluid.
From the above, we can see that favorable brake fluid is helpful to the operation of the loader. So it is necessary for us to pay more attention to the performance of the brake fluid when we purchase it.

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