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New loader, excavator launched by Caterpillar

Caterpillar recently took the wraps off two new pieces of equipment in Clayton, N.C. And the company says agriculture is a key market for both machines.
The 903C compact wheel loader can handle a variety of jobs, such as hauling fertilizer, hay or seed, and the loader has both buckets and forks.
“There’s a lot of external handling work with those tools so we’ve designed the machine to have the rated operating capacity to meet the tasks that those customers need to do,” said Jeff Brown, senior project engineer, Caterpillar. “Farmers can use buckets and forks for material handling. The operating capacity of the forks on 903C is between 2,500 to 2,700 pounds, which is the standard weight of a pallet of seed, herbicide or fertilizer. The 903C has been built to handle those type of loads,” Brown said.
The 903C is also resistant to corrosion, because the components are not exposed, which can prove to be valuable for growers working in rough environments.

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